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"ZhengHeng group" was founded in 2017 and headquartered in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

This new multi-industry Group has integrated multiple industries in a short span of two years through new establishments, acquisitions and mergers. Currently, ZhengHeng Group has been involved in industries including banking, investment, real estate, Internet, science and technology, human resources, software development and other fields. Its business covers Cambodia, China, the United States, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

"Zhengheng group" is leading an era and building a new future with excellent service as its core positioning, the service concept of "jointly creating wealth and benefiting the society" and the brand mission of "building a new future"!
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    正恒集团创建于 2017 年

Zhengheng Group has been deeply involved in the Cambodian market for more than ten years, focusing on real estate development investment and management business to achieve the company's scalability, sustainability and growth in the core market. Its business mainly includes high-end cultural tourism, hotel, and commercial and complex development project. The current investment and development of the "Dara Sakor•Long Bay" world-class cultural tourism and holiday destination has received great attention and strong support from the governments of Cambodia and China. It is the largest landing project under the "One Belt and One Road" strategy of the Chinese government and the Cambodian government. The second new business project for cultural tourism and vacation will also become the largest coastal cultural tourism investment project in Southeast Asia and even the world.

Zhengheng Group has develops in Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and other developing cities and regions in Southeast Asia, and has successively developed a number of internationally prestigious projects, leading the industry with high-quality product and service. Based on the front-end vision of the times, Zhengheng Group insists on responsibility and ingenuity, adhering to the values ​​of "integrity, hard work, innovation, and dedication", the brand concept of "creating wealth and benefiting society", and the brand mission of "creating a better future" to open an era. Lead an era. Today, Zhengheng has won numerous awards and achieved diversified development.

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