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The business of Zhengheng group at home and abroad involves banking, real estate, investment, network, human resources, science and technology, cultural innovation and business travel industry and other fields.While actively investing in the industrial layout, Zhengheng group is also vigorously introducing the advanced management mode of developed countries and promoting the industrial upgrading of Cambodia. In this process, it reconstructs the business model and organizational model, creates an industrial cluster with Zhengheng characteristics, and is committed to becoming an international first-class comprehensive development led by strategy, driven by innovation and promoted by value enterprise groups.

"Beautiful Khmer•Love in the world"—Zhengheng Group's charity program to New Bright Primary School

Release time:2020-02-02 Reading volume:435 Source:Zhengheng Group Marketing Department

The promotion of schools and the emphasis on education is to benefit all the people. On December 21, 2019, the volunteer team of Zhengheng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. visited New Guangming Primary School in Kompong Chhang Province to deliver love materials to all 198 teachers and students to help improve the learning and living conditions of students in poor areas of Cambodia, practice corporate social responsibility and pass on Cambodian-Chinese friendship. 



The donated items include clothes, learning utensils, sporting goods, etc., which greatly boost the learning and living conditions of the students of New Guangming Primary School, meet the most urgent needs of the children, and bring them a lot of assistance, which is practical and effective. At the donation ceremony, the children were particularly happy. They said affectionately that Zhengheng's uncles and aunts provided not only material, but also pure love like crystal. They would certainly repay the cares of all sectors of society with excellent results. 

Children of New Bright Primary School

A trickle converges into a river, and a spark kindles hope. Zhengheng Group, as an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, gives back to the society with a charitable heart and aids more people to create a better future. In addition to supporting education, it also actively pays attention to other cultural public welfare undertakings. In order to protect and promote the Cambodian folk culture, it has launched the "Discover Cambodia National Cultural and Creative Development Plan", spreading the brilliant Khmer culture to the world, and supporting the Kingdom of Cambodia develop tourism. 

Heart-warming scene

In the future, Zhengheng Group will continue to create more social values, actively carry out social welfare activities, and contribute to the happy life of the Cambodian people and the sustainable development of society.

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