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Ministry of Agriculture: Cambodia and China to Sign the Cambodian Mango Export to China Agreement Next Week, Marking a New Opportunity for the Cambodian Agricultural Market

Release time:2020-06-03 Reading volume:434 Source:Ministry of Finance of Cambodia By: Jiahao

Cambodia and China will sign the Cambodian Mango Export to China Agreement next week.

As notified by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Signing Ceremony for Cambodian Mango Export to China Agreement will be held in the Ministry of Agriculture next week.

On June 13, 2019, Weng Shakun, Chinese Minister of Agriculture, and Hu Wei, Deputy Director-General of China’s General Administration of Customs, signed the work plan of advancing the inspection, quarantine and access of Cambodian mangoes exported to China. In late November of the same year, the experts dispatched by China’s General Administration of Customs completed the quarantine evaluation of Cambodian mango groves.

The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia announced at the end of last year that China and Cambodia would sign the Cambodian Mango Export to China Agreement in the beginning of next year if nothing changes. It’s estimated that Cambodia can export 500,000 tons of mangoes to China a year.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, in consideration of the friendly relations of the two countries, China will further open its market in the near future to allow the export of more Cambodian agricultural products to China.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture further revealed that the relevant departments of China and Cambodia had been working to push for direct export of Cambodian longan, pitaya and cubilose to the Chinese market.

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