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Cambodia may become a digital empire in Southeast Asia in the era of 5G+ cultural tourism

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China entered into the 5G era when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) officially announced the issuance of 5G commercial license on June 6, 2019. Cambodia, a key participant of the Belt and Road Initiative, has signed a 5G network cooperation agreement with Huawei, the world’s largest communications equipment provider, in April 28, meaning that Cambodia may become the first country in Southeast Asia to provide 5G network services.

5G+ coastal cultural tourism, pushing Cambodia to a new global height

5G: a key step for Cambodia to become a top-ranking country in Southeast Asia

Cambodia has the highest mobile penetration rate in Southeast Asia, and the number of registered mobile phone numbers alone accounts for 153% of the population. In other words, each person has 1.5 mobile phones on average. Seventy-six percent of Cambodians are active Internet users, while 12.05 million are mobile Internet users, accounting for 74% of the total population.

The high-frequency use of smartphones and the Internet has triggered Cambodia’s urgent need for high-speed network equipment. This has attracted the attention of the global 5G giant Huawei. Believing that 2019 will be the first year of Cambodia’s 5G development, Huawei expects to bring the latest 5G technologies and products to Cambodia, share 5G global practical experience with Cambodia Telecom, improve the level of Cambodia’s digital infrastructure, build a digital Cambodia, and greet the Industry 4.0 revolution. The future society will be a digital society, and Cambodia will be no exception. As can be judged from the introduction of 5G communication equipment from Huawei, Cambodia not only aims to catch up, but also expects to overtake on the curve and become a first-class country in Southeast Asia.

Coastal cultural tourism: lead Cambodia’s investment in the next decade

5G brings an unprecedented “technological revolution and industrial revolution”, which will cover cities, governments, enterprises and people’s life, especially tourism.

Cambodia, with tourism as the second largest economic pillar, has driven the GDP contribution rate of relevant industries to 40% by virtue of its unique exotic tourism resources; it has attracted 6.2 million international tourists and 2 million Chinese tourists; it has further attracted 2,867 large-scale construction investment projects, and investments of up to USD 5.229 billion.

With the advent of the “All Things Connected” 5G era in particular, Cambodia will provide more accurate, more matched and more personalized services for tourists, creating a global smart tourism ecosystem. It is expected to open a cultural and tourism industry market worth hundreds of millions U.S. dollars. After signing with Huawei, Cambodia will take the lead in enjoying all the advantages of 5G+ coastal cultural tourism and promote a new round of development upsurge. Undoubtedly, the next decade will be of great value for Southeast Asia and even the world!

In addition, Cambodia, as the most open country for foreign investment in Asia, has become a hotspot for global investment in recent years with a number of favorable policies, such as no foreign exchange control, permanent property rights, non-CRS countries, and no inheritance tax. With the advent of 5G technology, more global capital will undoubtedly be attracted in the future. Among the several popular investment areas in Cambodia, Phnom Penh is crowded, Sihanoukville Port chaotic, and Siem Reap simply developed. The investment dividend is no longer available. Dara Sakor, located on the seafront of the Koh Kong Province, has a much lower house price than Siem Reap, Phnom Penh. Compared with Phnom Penh, Dara Sakor has many real estate options and a large market space; compared with Sihanoukville Port, Dara Sakor has reasonable planning and perfect infrastructure, with no water, electricity and network cut off; compared with Siem Reap, Dara Sakor has abundant business formats and broad development prospects.

Located in the core of Dara Sakor, Zhengheng Long Bay: Dara Sakor as the first coastal cultural tourism project in Dara Sakor area, is the second new signature tourist destination in Cambodia after Angkor. It is a rare investment hotspot in Cambodia and boats unlimited potential in the future!

Long Bay: Dara Sakor

The last investment hotspot in Southeast Asia

Long Bay: Dara Sakor is located at the core of the Cambodia-China Comprehensive Investment Development Pilot Zone and is a benchmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative. Based on Singapore's advanced urban planning concept, the project creates eight super project groups for a one-stop top-level cultural tourism platform featuring “Finance + industry + sea-view apartment + shallow mountain villa + yacht wharf + hotel cluster + business world + culture and tourism core + beach bath”.

Three-dimensional transportation network: adjacent to Cambodia’s highest-grade of 4E international airport; National Highway 48 connected to the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Port Expressway; the only suitable deep-water port area for 300,000T freighters in the Gulf of Thailand; a 40-min yacht ride to Sihanoukville Port; three-dimensional transportation network connecting the world!

Scarce coastline resources: crystal clear seawater, milk powder like sand beach, average annual temperature of 24℃, excellent coastal rainforest ecological environment, once the exclusive coastal resort for the royal family.

The final investment hotspot: planned to accommodate an industrial, tourism, and service population of over 80,000 in five years, gathering people and money! The apartments are sold with a lease, a three-year renting and a five-year repurchase policy. The annual rate of return on renting is 10%. With stable return on investment, and reasonable exit mechanism, it is the last investment hotspot in Southeast Asia and the world!

Many people say that Cambodia is like China 20 years ago, with full-scale construction under way and a number of opportunities.

The difference is that Cambodia is in the era of digital cultural tourism. The cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, sophisticated equipment, and the innate resource advantages of coastal cultural tourism and primitive ecology have made its development potential far beyond that of China 20 years ago. As one of the industries with the largest capital flow in Cambodia, real estate directly benefits from these achievements. Are you ready to seize the opportunity to get ten times, one hundred times or even one thousand times of return in Long Bay: Dara Sakor?
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