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Frontier and coastal defense officers and soldiers in Cambodia's Koh Kong province vaccinated Chinese vaccine against Covid-19

Release time:2021-06-03 Reading volume:337 Source:www.xinhuanet.com
Prime Minister Hun Sen and Chinese Ambassador in Cambodia Wang wentian greet China's vaccine at the airport

Xinhua News Agency, Phnom Penh, February 20th (Reporter Mao Pengfei) The Cambodian Ministry of National Defense sent a medical team to Koh Kong Province in the southwest of the country on February 19th and 20th to vaccinate 1,200 people including the local border and coastal defense garrison with the Chinese vaccine aided by the Chinese military. At the request of the Cambodian side, personnel from the Military Attache’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia led the 16th batch of Chinese-aided Cambodian military medical experts to Koh Kong Province to assist the Cambodian side in vaccination throughout the process.

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Tea Banh personally supervised the entire process of the vaccination. On February 20th, he said at the military vaccination site in Kemalapumin City, Koh Kong Province, that he is very grateful to China for providing precious vaccines to Cambodia in times of crisis Covid-19. China not only trains Cambodian medical staff before vaccination, but also in other places of vaccination sites in Phnom Penh to assist the Cambodian side in vaccination. It’s truly reflected the deep friendship between the Chinese People’s Liberation military and the Cambodian military.

Tea Banh expressed that he was very confident in the vaccines provided by the Chinese military, and he asked the Cambodian army to organize vaccination as soon as possible to protect the health of officers and soldiers. The officers and soldiers of the Cambodian army have been vaccinated with Chinese vaccines one after another, which has given the Cambodian people a good head and strengthened the army's confidence in carrying out diversified tasks such as the fight against the epidemic.

The vaccinated Cambodian military officers and soldiers said that the Cambodian border epidemic prevention and control task is very important, and the pressure of foreign defense import is high. Chinese vaccines can provide them with strong protection. They thanked China for donating vaccines specifically to the Cambodian army. The two armies of the two countries have cooperated and helped each other in the epidemic, which fully demonstrated the “Hardcore" brotherhood of both sides.

At the request of the Cambodian military and approved by the Chinese Central Military Commission, a batch of Covid-19 vaccines provided by the Chinese People's Liberation military to the Cambodian army was delivered to Cambodia on the 7th of February. The Cambodian army is one of the first foreign troops to receive aid from the Chinese military’s Covid-19 vaccine.

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