Diversified Business

Zhengheng Group's domestic and international business operations involve banking, real estate, investment, network, human resources, science and technology, and cultural and creative industries, as well as business travel industry and other fields.
While making active investment in the optimization of industrial structure, Zhengheng Group is also vigorously introducing advanced management models from developed countries, promoting Cambodia's industrial upgrading. In this process, it restructures its business model and organizational model, and builds an industry cluster with Zhengheng characteristics. It is committed to becoming a world-class comprehensive enterprise group developing in a strategy-leading, innovation-driven, and value-enhancing manner.

Zhengheng Real Estate is located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. As a pioneer and practitioner of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Zhengheng Real Estate has followed the Belt and Road investment initiative and actively invested in the real estate industry in Southeast Asia through rational layout and scientific investment planning.

In 2017, Zhengheng Real Estate launched a large-scale cultural tourism resort integrated project Long Bay-Dara Sakor in the western coastal area of Cambodia with an area of up to 2 million square meters. Long Bay-Dara Sakor is the first cultural tourism resort project in Cambodia that integrates residence, office building, commerce, villa, cultural creation and tourism. The implementation of Long Bay-Dara Sakor has prominently driven the prosperity of commerce and trade and cultural tourism industry in the region.

At the end of 2019, Zhengheng Real Estate launched the OCT comprehensive commercial center project in Phnom Penh New Financial District, covering a total land area of 600,000 square meters and an area of more than 200,000 square meters for Phase Ι.




正恒(柬埔寨)有限公司重视公益的价值与力量。在打造世界级滨海文旅度假新目的地的同时,积极承担 社会责任,发起“柬埔寨国家文创开发计划”,


正恒地产公司内部治理结构严格按照现代企业制度进行 设计,管理机构设置合理有机,各项管理制度完善,各 部协作顺畅。

正恒地产现有员工 100 多人,他们均来 自国内一二线城市的知名品牌开发企业。正恒地产目前 已开发规模 30 万平方米、待开发面积 200 万平方米和
土地储备 300 余公顷。正恒地产严格按照科学的发展观 和科学的运营管理制度,
力争在未来发展成为柬埔寨房 地产市场的龙头企业。

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