Diversified Business

Zhengheng Group's domestic and international business operations involve banking, real estate, investment, network, human resources, science and technology, and cultural and creative industries, as well as business travel industry and other fields.
While making active investment in the optimization of industrial structure, Zhengheng Group is also vigorously introducing advanced management models from developed countries, promoting Cambodia's industrial upgrading. In this process, it restructures its business model and organizational model, and builds an industry cluster with Zhengheng characteristics. It is committed to becoming a world-class comprehensive enterprise group developing in a strategy-leading, innovation-driven, and value-enhancing manner.

CamHR implements the “online + offline” two-wheel drive plan based on its leading brand influence in Cambodia's human resources market, while strengthening and optimizing online services. It’s committed to becoming an international comprehensive human resources service provider.

Working in the Cambodian human resources market for 10 years, CamHR boasts more than 6 million website visitors per month and over 1 million Facebook fans. As Cambodia’s number one brand in the industry, CamHR has developed a strong brand influence. It has rich talent resource reserves: more than 600,000 resumes have been received from job applicants, and more than 250,000 job applicants have applied for job vacancies through CamHR website. It has a leading market share over 80%: more than 50,000 employer (enterprise) customers have published recruitment information through CamHR. The CamHR website has more than 2,000 active employers (enterprises) per month.

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