Diversified Business

Zhengheng Group's domestic and international business operations involve banking, real estate, investment, network, human resources, science and technology, and cultural and creative industries, as well as business travel industry and other fields.
While making active investment in the optimization of industrial structure, Zhengheng Group is also vigorously introducing advanced management models from developed countries, promoting Cambodia's industrial upgrading. In this process, it restructures its business model and organizational model, and builds an industry cluster with Zhengheng characteristics. It is committed to becoming a world-class comprehensive enterprise group developing in a strategy-leading, innovation-driven, and value-enhancing manner.

"ASEAN" is jointly organized by successful businessmen from Southeast Asia, China and Hong Kong. It is committed to expanding investment opportunities in the surrounding areas of Southeast Asia, and works closely with governments, political and business celebrities in Southeast Asia and chambers of commerce around the world. Relying on the free and orderly business environment of Hong Kong, we have gathered professionals from all over the world, cooperated with its perfect infrastructure construction, perfect rule of law system , lowe tax rate, as well as its superior geographical position and international market context to bring high-quality projects from Southeast Asia into the global market and provide high-quality investment opportunities for investors at home and abroad.


"Unlimited business opportunities for inter ASEAN exchange" is the purpose of​ the association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). We provide a win-win business platform for our members based on the principles of mutual consultation, co-construction and sharing. Over the past 5 years, the " The Belt and Road " initiative has gradually shifted from concept to action, from vision to reality, and global influence is growing. As the fastest-growing emerging market in the global economy, Southeast Asia, with the support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative has generated a large number of business opportunities.

Participants in the Belt and Road Initiative project investment are showing a trend of diversification. In the early stage, state-owned enterprises led the construction and investment of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, there is an increasing demand for private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to invest in Southeast Asia. In the new stage of China’s foreign investment, enterprises should improve the quality of overseas investment. In addition to optimizing investment decisions and management, enterprises should pay more attention to the management of overseas asset stock. It is one of the trends to continuously explore the local market and realize the full value chain operation in the local market.

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