Diversified Business

Zhengheng Group's domestic and international business operations involve banking, real estate, investment, network, human resources, science and technology, and cultural and creative industries, as well as business travel industry and other fields.
While making active investment in the optimization of industrial structure, Zhengheng Group is also vigorously introducing advanced management models from developed countries, promoting Cambodia's industrial upgrading. In this process, it restructures its business model and organizational model, and builds an industry cluster with Zhengheng characteristics. It is committed to becoming a world-class comprehensive enterprise group developing in a strategy-leading, innovation-driven, and value-enhancing manner.

  B.I.C Bank was jointly established Asia Investment and Financial Services Sole Co., Ltd (Lao PDR), Paradise Investment Co., Ltd (Cambodia) and PrimeStreet Advisory Co., Ltd (Thailand). It is a commercial bank registered with the National Bank of Cambodia. Since its opening on August 1, 2018, it has adhered to the business philosophy of “stable operation and steady development”, set the goal of growing into a “first-class financial institution”, and continuously improved its service level. Honesty gains the trust of people. BIC has been highly praised by the Kingdom of Cambodia and widely acclaimed by all sectors of society. Currently, BIC is involved in fast-growing financing services and banking services. BIC offers highly innovative financial products, invests in debt and other models for high-quality projects in high growth areas, and provides private trust, family trust and land property trust service for unconventional customers. We are actively introducing advanced investment concepts, establishing and managing various private equity investment funds.

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