Z.H Group

Message from the Chairman:

Zhengheng Group was founded in the era of Cambodia’s great economic leap forward.
In this period, people tend to make full use of certain opportunities provided by the times and economic development, or even take the opportunity to seek rapid development, with economic interests as the primary goal. Of course, operating enterprises to obtain economic benefits is in line with the principle of market economy, but for Zhengheng group, obtaining economic benefits is only a basis for our enterprises to have sustainable development energy and ability. While operating enterprises obtain business returns, we pay more attention to the sustainability of enterprise development and the social responsibility that an enterprise should bear.

In the process of our enterprise operation, giving full play to an enterprise in the process of economic development to solve employment, tax, promote industrial and economic progress, and lead the development of society, is our primary goal. When the society is stable and the country is strong, the people will participate in our social and economic development activities with more motivation and enthusiasm.

As a corporate citizen in Cambodia, Zhengheng Group adheres to the belief of virtue and integrity building an ever-changing business!
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