Z.H Group


Chairman Mr. Deng Pibing (Oknha of the Kingdom of Cambodia)——

Oknha Deng Pibing, Chinese Cambodian​, born in Hunan, China in the 1980s.

He came to Cambodia alone in 2003 and started to work on Internet Information Engineering. In 2010, he participated in the establishment of Cambodian human resources information publishing platform CAMHR. In 2017, he founded Cambodia Zhengheng group, and in the same year, he established Zhengheng real estate. In 2017, he acquired CAMBO TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., and invested in more than 10 enterprises by means of acquisition and establishment in the next three years.

He is currently president of Cambodia China Cultural Tourism Promotion Association, chairman of ASEAN overseas Chinese business association, chairman of Zhengheng group, chairman of Zhengheng real estate, Director / co-founder of CAMHR, Director / co-founder of CAMBO TECHNOLOGY, Director / co-founder of BIC holding group, Director / co-founder of Hong Kong ASEAN Association and chairman / co-founder of TourAround.



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